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What Lurks in the "Shadows" of the Author Mind: Fast Facts with Lyla Oweds

If you're a YA horror fan, turn on all the lights, wrap yourself tight in a comfy blanket, lock all the doors, and get ready for Shadows of Nightshade from author Lyla Oweds!

Readers often ask authors where they derive their inspiration. The simplest answer is EVERYWHERE! But sometimes one particular experience informs an author's writing, and Lyla Oweds is no different.

Check out her newest tome, then read on to see what exactly lurks in the "shadows" of Lyla's mind that inspired the haunting Shadows of Nightshade: The Garden of Eternal Flowers #1).

Book Details:

Shadows of Nightshade (The Garden of Eternal Flowers #1)

by Lyla Oweds

Publication Date: March 8, 2023

Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Paranormal Horror; Young Adult/ New Adult


I dream of a time where I was warm, safe, and loved.

But my waking reality is starkly different.

Anxiety plagues me and spirits haunt the shadows. No matter how fast I run, I can’t seem to

escape my past.

The only solace and steady force in my life is my best friend, Finn.

And now… there’s a ghost haunting me. And I’m not certain if it wants help or if it wants to

kill me. There’s only one person who can understand: Finn’s brother, Damen.

However, in reaching out, I’m betraying Finn and setting things into motion that cannot be


But nobody ever said that doing the right thing was easy.

The Garden of Eternal Flowers is a re-envisioning of my Grimm Cases series. Eternal

Flowers has taken my original vision of Bianca's story and transformed it into something new and beautiful. Some chapters are similar, and some dialogue is the same, as The Grimm

Cases, Origins, but overall, about 75% of the book has been entirely revisioned with new plot

points, mystery, and interpersonal relationships. Also, unlike Origins (originally a Wattpad

release), there is now a clear beginning, climax, and conclusion in each individual novel,

which allows them to be read alone or as part of the ongoing series.

I hope that you will enjoy Shadows of Nightshade as much as I enjoyed writing it. Truly, it is

an honor to write about Bianca and her boys, and all of these characters are near and dear to

my heart.

Trigger Warning: This series deals with the aftermath of severe childhood trauma.


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Author Fast Facts

What is your favorite visited or want to visit paranormal spots and if and how any of them may

have affected your writing?

I grew up near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on a historical farm that sometimes had reenactors host events next to my parents' property. My house was most definitely haunted, and of course, my room had to be in one of the oldest parts of the original house. I spent many nights surrounded by strange noises, or my dog would stare at the wall and growl. Of course, at the time those moments were terrifying. But looking back now, I can see how they'd shaped my view on the paranormal and the types of events that I wanted to share in my writing.


Author Bio:

Lyla Oweds is a paranormal / urban fantasy author who resides in the beautiful Pocono

Mountains, Pennsylvania with her husband, children, and animals. While she enjoys all

genres of fiction, she has a deep appreciation for fantasy, romance, mystery, crime, and horror.

Lyla has a bachelor’s in anthropology and will be completing her master’s in

information technology in 2023.

Writing is her moonlighting passion, and she loves having the opportunity to share her perspective as a disabled (profoundly hard of hearing) woman. During the daylight hours, Lyla works as a principal / lead design and development specialist focusing on user experience and accessibility. When not working, Lyla is usually indulging in one of her many hobbies such as amusing her children, gardening, crocheting, interior decorating, baking, cooking, or playing video games.

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