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Walking the Bladed Edge of the Two Sides of Love: "Fear and Desire" by Sophie Kisker

Every love has two sides . . .fear and desire. Which side will win?

In Sophie Kisker's new dark romance, the battle rages inside Dan's heart. He desires Laura with all his heart. But the crushing fear of his black past threatens to swallow his happiness, and his soul, whole.

If you're a fan of tortured heroes and the women who love them irrevocably, take a walk on the dark side in the excerpt below, then take your own chances on a $25 Amazon gift card if you dare.

Book Details:

Fear and Desire by Sophie Kisker Publication date: February 10th 2023 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Dark Romance, Romance Synopsis:

Dan has sacrificed everything, including his soul, for this covert op. All that’s left is Laura. He prays every night that when this nightmare is over she’ll be waiting for him, and she’ll help him get through the guilt that will plague him for the rest of his life. Then Laura is ripped from her safe world and thrust into his. Now she’s a part of the darkness and despair. He must say things to her, and do things to her, that she might never forgive him for. And when the carefully scheduled mission goes terribly wrong and she’s stolen away from him, he must track her down on the other side of the world before she disappears forever into the shadows.


Fear and Desire


“Dan, please, I’m scared!” She was shaking. She’d wanted to be brave, but her fear was

rapidly overtaking her resolve.

“I know you’re scared. But I can’t get you out of here. This place is crawling with guards who

are absolutely loyal to this guy DeLeo. They’ll shoot all of us if they suspect anything. But in a

little less than a month there’s going to be an auction, and this will all be over,” he said. “You’ll

have to stay until then, but if you never want to see me again after that, I understand.”

“Don’t say that! You can’t do anything that would make me hate you!”

It was a moment before he spoke.

“Laura, you have no idea how bad this is going to get. I’m going to have to punish you harder

than I would punish the others, to prove that I’m not affected by your presence here.”

Hearing him say those words crushed the small hope she’d still carried. There was no

solution that would see her safely home. She had no choice but to remain here, and she wept

silently as she struggled to say the words he needed to hear.

“If I have to stay,” she stuttered, “then I want you—I need you—to do whatever it takes to get

through this, and I don’t want you to feel guilty about it later. If you have to hurt me, do it. Just

get us home safe, please.” She had to get those words out, no matter how terrified she was,

before the band of fear squeezing her chest prevented her from saying anything at all. She

couldn’t put any more burden on him.

“Laura, you don’t know what–”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m giving you consent.”

There was silence.

“Dan?” she whispered.

When he spoke, it was barely above a whisper. “Laura, I love you, and when we get out of

here, I want to spend the rest of my life showing you how much.”

The statement stunned her and suddenly everything she’d spent years refusing to think

about fell into place.

“I love you too, Dan,” she replied, her heart tearing apart. “I think I always have. Now please,

do what you have to do.”

She felt him nod. He stepped away.

“I’ll be back after breakfast to deliver your punishment.” His footsteps faded as he left her

hanging and alone.

Oh, God, help me! Fear roared up and consumed her.


Author Bio:

Hi there! For years, I wrote and hid stories in the computer, convinced that no one would be interested in the twisted musings of my mind. When the internet showed me that there were others who were just as twisted, I decided to come out of the closet. My men are strong, even when love makes them tender. My women are fierce and independent and will not surrender until they are respected. My stories are about negotiating the dance between the two, until he claims her heart in the end. Right now, I split my time between being mother, wife, overworked employee, and servent to the cat's every need. Most evenings will find me hiding in my office cave to write, where I only care about my internet signal and the strength of my coffee. Find out more about my books, including more complete and descriptive book summaries, at Author links:

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