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Taking a Bite of the Big Apple with "My Chance": A Mafia Romance You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

In the city that never sleeps, will her worst nightmare become a dream come true?

Contemporary romance author Samantha Skye brings readers the fourth installment in her Men of New York series, and really turns up the heat in this enemies-to-lovers tale.

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Book Details:

My Chance by Samantha Skye (Men of New York, #4) Publication Date: February 21st, 2023 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense Synopsis:

My job has always been my ticket to the top. Now my only chance at success is tall, dark, and menacing…

At no point in my law career did I think I’d have a mobster in my office, offering me a job.

Hard pass.

But Nico Molenti is as persistent as he is…persuasive. And thanks to my dad’s white-collar antics, my client list is looking as bare as my bank account will be in a few weeks.

Accepting Nico’s offer isn’t just about quick cash though. If I say yes to this, I kiss my New York law firm goodbye.

Perhaps that’s why he’s so intent on keeping my lips very busy.

But breaking my law-abiding habits to help a gangster exact vengeance on his enemies is easier said than done.

Although with every fiery touch, I can’t help but feel I’m going over to the dark side in more

ways than one…

My Chance is the fourth and final book in the Men Of New York series. Featuring a curvy heroine and the sinful hero who falls for her, this is a suspenseful enemies-to-lovers, opposites attract, mafia romance with plenty of spice.


Author Bio:

Samantha Skye is a contemporary romance author from Melbourne, Australia. A country kid turned city slicker, Samantha writes characters that are as diverse as they are devilishly handsome. Her unique brand of suspenseful spice deftly combines the risky and the risqué, setting hearts pounding for more than one reason! When she’s not plotting her next novel, Samantha can be found chatting on podcasts, or anywhere there’s sunshine. An avid traveler, Samantha is just as comfortable in gumboots as she is in Christian Louboutins...but she’s usually having more fun in the latter. Author Links:

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