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Love is Set Ablaze with Sci-Fi Romance "Stars on Fire"

War is stirring in the skies and stars above Eden II.

Between empires in ascension and realms in decline, Kainan and Selene find themselves caught up in the maelstrom. Together they’ll light the stars on fire, even as darkness beyond their control seeks to turn their destiny—and their forever—to ashes.

If you’re in the mood for...

  • A strong, smart heroine AND a sexy, badass anti-hero

  • Unrequited love and a personal growth saga that spans a universe

  • Steamy, hot epic jolts!

  • Paranormal action

  • All the feels AND heartfelt escapism

...then take to the skies above Eden II. A whole new world awaits you.

Read the excerpt below, and don't forget to enter the giveaway for a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Book Details:

Stars on Fire by Sky Gold (The Sable Riders, #1) Publication Date: February 26, 2023 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction Synopsis:

The thing is, Selene, I don’t do forever. It’s not what this is.’ – Kainan Sable.

He’s lethal, wraith-like, a warrior who lives in the twilight, the hidden inferno amongst the stars.

She’s driven, ambitious, and unrelenting, with an allure that forces him from the shadows.

He needs to control the intensity of his reaction to her.

She fights the temptation glinting in his sapphire wildfire eyes.

He wants revenge.

She wants forever.

But he can’t give her ‘forever’.

Or can he?



Stepping down the ramp of the sleek fighter was a figure.

A HUGE man. So extensive, so broad, his shoulders blocked all internal views of his ship. He was taller than anyone she’d ever seen before. He was also more muscled than most, with large, powerful ropey limbs that were easily twice as wide as hers. Clad in a matte black, short sleeve jumpsuit moulded to every inch of his massive frame, he sported broad shoulders, slim power-driven hips and enormously thick thighs that eased into equally gigantic boot-clad feet.

He’d strapped a contoured blaster to his hip, and she saw the outline of throwing knives tucked into his boots. His skin was a light lustrous caramel, the thick neck, broad upper arms and hands covered by a series of stunning gold and sapphire tattoos in the shape of an evocative nebula, marks he seemed to wear like a badge of honour. This was unlike any man she’d ever seen.

She blinked twice in disbelief. Yet his magnificence kept giving. A long messy mane of dark locks crowned his head. They were shot with highlights of sapphire and gold with silver at the temples. It trailed thick and lustrous down past his shoulders.

The same iridescent sapphire, gold and silver hues flashed on his beard, squared jaw and full moustache.

His lips were full, his cheekbones high, and his nose long and flaring powerfully as he paused to draw in Zaalalum’s pure forest air.

His forehead was a wall unto itself, the dark brows thick and unyielding, but it was his eyes that stopped the wind, halted her breath and stilled all sound around her.

Holy Dunia, she thought, as her gaze and what felt like her entire soul fell into pools of molten gold flecked with flashes of electric sapphire.

Each spark in his deep-set eyes was charged with a blue energy band and pulsed with electric centres that graduated in colour and frequency, glowing as they seemed to flow from his corneas toward her. His life force washed over her in waves, and she broke into a hot flush. One that travelled over her skin and down her spine.

The sensation was almost familiar. That thought alone threw her off.

She took a tentative step back and almost lost her balance but managed to recover before losing her dignity.

He kept coming towards her, casually lifting a sizeable palm. Not in greeting, but a cool command to drop her weapon.

He was, hands down, the most lethal man she’d ever seen or met.

She jerked her gun at him. ‘Stay.’

He arched an eyebrow and paused, his sapphire and gold eyes coolly assessing her as he came to a stop.

At that moment, she knew her tiny handheld piece would have no effect whatsoever on him.

Still, she kept it trained on him.

His lips twitched. Then he crossed his massive arms across his chest and jerked his chin towards the corvette behind him.

‘Your transport awaits, Excellency.’

Selene blinked in surprise. ‘You know who I am?’

‘I do.’

His voice was deep, rough and gravelly, echoing with a lingering melody that roused a stir in her innermost being.

She tamped down the sudden stab of whatever-the-fokk-it-was that almost took her breath away. ‘You’re my ride?’

He lifted a dark eyebrow, and his sapphire-flecked eyes glimmered. She instantly knew where his mind had leapt to.

She felt a flash of heat. Straight to her core, dammit.

To his credit, he didn’t indulge the thought further.

‘Naam. I’m your pilot.’

His voice was deep, mellow, smooth, and accented. She couldn’t quite place it, but he spoke Standard fluently.

‘What were you expecting?’ he continued.

‘Maybe less of a sneaky fly-in and more of an obvious and on-time announcement of your arrival?’ she snarked.

He shrugged his massive shoulders. ‘But I was on time. To be exact, I was here before the agreed time. Purely precautionary, of course. I didn’t know what I’d be walking into.’

She had to lean back her petite frame to look up at him even though he stood a few feet away. ‘Well, neither do I, so excuse me as I check in with my people.’

His lips quirked once more before he stepped back to give her privacy.

She kept one hand on her weapon and tapped her wrist comm, slightly turning away from the stranger. The holo screen popped up, and Rina grinned at her. ‘Still here!’

Selene cursed under her breath and whispered. ‘Of course you are. Can you confirm that my ride to Eden II is a stealth fighter slash corvette piloted by an unidentified scary-looking colossus?’

Her best friend nodded chirpily. ‘Sounds about right.’ Rina’s voice dropped to a whisper as she peered at the view behind Selene. ‘And what a ride, might I add. And I’m not talking about the ship.’



Author Bio:

Sky Gold is a best selling author, writer and lover of all things delicious, fun and courageously life affirming. She imagines herself a warrior for the people she loves and values she stands for! She looks to her gorgeous husband, her whimsical kids, her loyal friends, her sweet Russian Blue Cat, and the stars themselves for her heavenly inspiration.

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