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Lost Your Way? Find Inspiration in One of the Most Expensive, Iconic & Kinetic Maps of Australia in the World

We all get a little lost sometimes. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had a map to show us the way? Explore new directions and, perhaps, find new destinations for your life's journey in One of the Most Expensive, Iconic & Kinetic Maps of Australia in the World, a memoir-style book from Jose Tugaff Amoloria and Amazon Best-Selling Author Lourdes Villena Amoloria. Enjoy an excerpt from this unique title, and join in the giveaway below!

Book Details:

One of the Most Expensive, Iconic & Kinetic Maps of Australia in the World

by Jose Tugaff Amoloria and Lourdes Villena Amoloria

Genre: Nonfiction/Memoir

Publication Date: January 15, 2024


Dream without fear. When dreams are nourished with faith and actions, dreams bloom into realities.


Jose, a self-taught artist, had no formal training in art, no scholastic qualifications, and had very challenging life experiences as an international sailor, chef, watchmaker, and stone mason. How can one be multi-skilled and pass international standards without proper educational training?


This book will make you rethink how adversity, grief, and loss can cause so much pain, and yet, these life challenges can facilitate creativity, and be transformed into gifts and blessings for a meaningful and productive existence.


Get inspired by faith and determination that changed the course of life, and be entertained by the unconventional ways Jose educated and equipped himself with skills to achieve dreams and goals. The one-of-a-kind masterpieces in this book and Jose's life are testimonials that creativity can really transform lives. Miracles do happen, and anyone can manifest miracles if they sincerely believe in themselves and in the intervention of the unseen power of the Supreme Creator.


Excerpt from One of the Most Expensive, Iconic & Kinetic Maps of Australia in the World

Creativity means many things to many people, but the most common understanding is that creativity happens when someone creates something unique, new, artistic, beautiful and often valuable, an enhancer to our lives. No doubt, creativity is one great way to win in life’s arena of challenges.


The reality is people have different kinds of creativity, and children can be very creative as they do not know the limitations of their imagination. There are adults, too, who are determined to create what has never been done before, hence perhaps Einstein’s famous quote, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there will be to know and understand.”


Jose’s creativity started to manifest when his father encouraged him to make his own toys out of some spare watch parts and other odd pieces he had kept. His school projects were also a great outlet for his growing creativity. Nonetheless, this creative influence almost got lost when he had to deal with his mom’s passing and pursue his own life traveling around the world as a sailor.



Author Bio:

Jose Tugaff Amoloria is a man of multi-talents and skills. He is a professional watchmaker who had mastered most phases of watches: mechanical, automatic, quartz technology and modern watches. He created one-of-a-kind kinetic masterpieces made of collectible time pieces and watch parts, enhanced with microlights. He became a chef, and was personally taught a French masterchef's family secret of French liquored ice cream.


Jose mastered stone masonry in record time. His experience in watch repair helped him to gain a feather touch to accomplish his masonry works. He is also an avid martial art practitioner of arnis, a Filipino martial art, and he is also a second-dan black belt in Karate, with a champion's trophy to prove it. With so many other skills and abilities, Jose thanks God for the gifts and talents given to him.



Lourdes Villena Amoloria is an Amazon international best-selling author for her book Kiss From an Angel: How to Turn Your Grief Into a Gift From Heaven, published in Sydney, Australia, 2014.


Lourdes holds a bachelor's degree in mass communications from La Salle, Bacolod City, Philippines, with a post-graduate in counseling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology in Sydney, Australia.


Lourdes is on a mission to help others find the gift behind their grief, help with mental health issues, and live more productive lives with faith, self-responsibility, and love in action.


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Marianne Judy
Marianne Judy
May 31

Thank you so much for featuring this amazing book.

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