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Book Review: A Beautiful Story of Friendship and Perseverance for Children in "Lily Finds a Way"

A heartwarming tale for today's generation with an inspiring, positive message.

I have a very vivid memory of my godmother gifting me a set of Marguerite Henry books when I was eight years old. I devoured them. After all, doesn't every young girl go through a phase of desperately wanting a pony to call her own.?

Alas, even though we had the biggest backyard in the neighborhood, I could not quite convince my parents a live pony was a practical choice. So, instead, they gave me a baby brother. (Love you, kid, but I still want the pony.)

I made do with an expansive collection of Brenda Bryer horses—a beautiful Arabian, rich brown head held defiantly aloft, a caramel and vanilla Palomino, and a regal Appalachian just to name a few. I would spend HOURS standing them in a row, curious to see which one of those beauties was destined to take best in show that day.

The one I loved most, though, was a little dappled gray pony dubbed Misty. Misty couldn't quite stand on her own. Her raised foreleg gave her an awkward balance. Her dark eyes peeked from beneath her white mane, almost begging me to figure out how to help her stand. And you know what?

I did.

I figured out how to lean Misty against one of the sturdier, bigger horses so she wouldn't topple over, and there she stood, proudly in a row with her compatriots.

I share this little anecdote because Susan Count's book and her tenacious main character, Lily, took me right back to that back bedroom with all my books and horses, a nostalgic trip that left me with a sudden urge to ask my husband if we can squeeze a pony on the patio.

But more importantly, Lily Finds a Way is a heartwarming tale for today's generation with an inspiring, positive message. The characters are real, contending with issues that face many young folks today. Girls, especially, will recognize and relate to many of the trials Lily must overcome, such as mean girls and yes, new siblings. And everyone faces seemingly insurmountable challenges that threaten to shake our foundations to the core.

But, like I discovered all those years ago with Misty, Lily discovers that cooperation, perseverance, and faith can help you stand tall, even when it seems impossible. You just need to put your mind to it, not be afraid to lean on others, and believe...believe that no matter what, you, too can be "best in show."

Book Details:

Lily Makes a Way (Dream Pony Riders #2)

by Susan Count

Publication Date: October 17, 2022

Genre: Middle Grade Contemporary Fiction


When Lily’s adored pony is injured, it could be the end of their life together.

A young girl’s ability to keep her pony is threatened by financial stress on her family.

The strain intensifies when the pony is injured requiring expensive treatment. Even if Lily

could afford it, China might never walk again.

Is mild-mannered Lily strong enough to make the difficult choices? What if that means letting

go of her adored pony?


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About the Author:

Susan Count writes for the joy and entertainment of young readers. She is a best-selling,

award-winning author of the Dream Horse Adventures Series, Dream Pony Riders

Series, and Texas Boys Adventures.

She prefers to create stories in a quiet zone. Out her window, her mind wanders through the

forest and keeps her in a grateful, contented state of being. She writes at a fabulous antique

desk that has secret compartments filled with memories, mysteries, and story ideas. As a

member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and American Christian

Fiction Writers, Susan takes studying the craft of writing seriously.

Susan confesses to being overly fond of brownies and horseback riding on forest trails. She is

a lifelong equestrian and is owned by a Rocky Mountain Horse.

You are invited to saddle up and ride along.

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