"A fun and well-written book, with a rhyming touch of "Dr. Seuss" magic!"

***** J. Hodgson, Readers' Favorite

"Beautiful and funny illustrations! My daughter wakes up every morning asking for Lousy Liver!"

***** G. Levy, Amazon Customer

Lousy Liver


Melinda Taliancich Falgoust


ISBN: 978-0692302880


"Charlie is hungry. He simply can’t wait. What will his dear mother put on his plate? Charlie picks up his fork and stops in midair. Oh, no! On his plate! What is THAT sitting there?" "Lousy Liver" is an award-winning, deliciously whimsical tale that follows the imagination of a young boy as he devises one wild plan after another to help him avoid the “lousy liver” being served for dinner. Soon, Charlie discovers that something different isn’t always something bad.

HRM Award Cover.jpg

The message . . . has been told hundreds of times, but this is by far my favorite telling!"

***** J. Garcia, Readers' Favorite



Melinda Taliancich Falgoust


ISBN: 978-0692429099



Far across the great wide world, where the sun melts into liquid gold, great Buddhas smile in their fancy temples and towering skyscrapers brush the clouds. And in a tiny house in a tiny town lives a tiny girl who dreams of doing something BIG! Footprints is an environmental picture book that crosses cultural boundaries and invites readers to follow in young Aiko’s footprints as she journeys through the Japanese countryside and discovers the universal concept that the biggest difference can be made by the smallest hands…or feet! Readers who love Shelley Meyer’s "Where the Buttercups Grow" and "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss will delight in making "Footprints" part of their personal library.

Her Royal Majesty, the Superhero Bride of Frankenstein


Melinda Taliancich Falgoust


ISBN: 978-0692566855


A piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of Lizzie McGillicuddy’s shoe could prove to be the biggest disaster in the entire history of the freckle-faced third-grader’s career until the errant strand of tissue becomes a fantastical queen’s train, then a magical superhero’s cape, and finally a spooky bride’s veil, proving that a little positive thinking can change your whole outlook on life . . . and save the class costume contest!

Excellent storyline . . . a winning concept!

***** B. Fanson, Readers' Favorite




Melinda Taliancich Falgoust


ISBN: 978-0997760231



In this disposable world, it's easy to toss things aside when something newer, bigger, or better comes along. But in this wordless tale with its whimsical line drawing and minimalist color, a rascally kitten learns that something old can become new again and not just JUNK.

The Mardi Gras Tree


Melinda Taliancich Falgoust


ISBN: 978-0997760255


Laissez bon temps rouler! - let the good times roll!  It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans and everyone's excited - including the little acorn who just can't WAIT to grow into a great live oak and watch high over the parades.  But as the Great Oak says, it's not always about being the biggest or the best.  "Whatever tree you grow to be, just be the best that you can be." ​An endearing tale of growth and self-worth set against the colorful backdrop of one of New Orleans' biggest celebrations.