Cooking Up Trouble


M.T. Falgoust

ISBN: 978-09977602-6-2

A high-society wedding, a coveted culinary competition, and a drop dead gorgeous ex-boyfriend?  Life is serving Annie McGowan a guaranteed recipe for disaster in this single-title contemporary romance.  When Annie follows the yellow brick road to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a world-renowned chef, eligible bachelor Trent Parker shows the bright-eyed farm girl that tornadoes exist in the Big Apple, too, as they are swept up in a whirlwind romance that promises to deposit them at the altar. 

But no Oz story would be complete without a flying monkey or two, and Jordan Shaw has been ape over Annie since he snatched the blue ribbon from her years ago at the Kansas State Fair.  When he shows up just days from her wedding, Annie imagines she knows just what a scrambled egg feels like: mixed-up, runny, and definitely headed for a frying pan.

The trouble is doubled when Annie discovers her good friend may lose the quaint, neighborhood restaurant To help him save it, she must win the Culinary Crown, but much to Annie’s dismay, she discovers Jordan is in the exact same competition!  Trent turns up the heat when he dangles the delicious offer of her very own restaurant – the catch? She must let her friend’s restaurant go deader than last week’s fish special. 


Will things end sunny-side up?  It's haute cuisine hijinks with COOKING UP TROUBLE where love is always on the menu.